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Autumn and pumpkin are as closely connected. So is Rosenberger and resting. That is why in the golden season autumnal dishes with pumpkin are now served in Rosenberger restaurants.

Our seasonal offers should motivate your appetite for the autumn:

  • Pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Spaghetti with ragout of pumpkin and zucchini


Rosenburger 2.0 mit veganem Patty

We proudly present the new "ROSENBURGER 2.0".

Why new? The new burger impresses with a juicy patty based on lentils, which is 100% vegan! Combined with caramelized red onions, fresh rocket salad, tasty BBQ sauce, cucumbers and tomatoes - the new vegan Rosenburger 2.0 is perfect and promises a great treat!

The Rosenburger 2.0 will be available from 1 August at all Rosenberger locations.
No time to rest? No problem, the Rosenberger 2.0 also tastes good on the way - with our free burger box!


mushroom specials

Here are some magnificent culinary creations! In the summer we’ll be refining dishes with chanterelle mushrooms: delicious creamy soups and cream sauce with homemade dumplings. Even if there aren’t any mushrooms in the desserts, you’ll still love our mouth-watering Rosenberger cakes and fruit cake.

To our asparagus specials »
These specialities are available from 03 July in all Rosenberger locations


SCaffé Rosenberger

1 coffee of your choice and 1 piece of cake topped with fresh seasonal fruit
» now at the promotional price of only € 6.10*

*Offer good while supplies last – valid until revoked.


Even if you have a WC voucher with another Austrian motorway service station: you can still redeem it with us. Quite simply and without any question at all. Which just goes to prove: guests enjoy special privileges at Rosenberger! So wherever you got your toilet voucher from: you can use it to spend a penny with us. WelCome to Rosenberger. It’s best to let our employees know. Just mention: “I have another voucher for you!”

And don’t forget: the vouchers are redeemable throughout Austria in all 14 Rosenberger locations.


Cup of Rast