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Styrian Hospitality
Enjoy Austrian hospitality at its finest when arriving from Slovenia. The Rosenberger restaurant near Gralla is nestling in the hilly countryside of the 'Styrian Tuscany', a region that is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also renowned as a hotbed of culinary delights. You can also find regional specialties such as the excellent wines and the celebrated pumpkin seed oil at the Gralla Rosenberger restaurant. Its menu mainly features hearty traditional fare, for example the farmer's cordon bleu that has achieved almost legendary status. In Styria, the Apple Province, the almost only logical choice for dessert is the famous apfelstrudel, prepared so deliciously to make even Arnold Schwarzenegger consider repatriating to his home country.

Gralla East

Gralla East

8431 Gralla
Phone: +43 3452 847 71

Milan Kolaric

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daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Coordinates: 46.831259 - 15.55267

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