Trucker Club

Lots of trucks parking in front of a restaurant has always been a surefire sign of quality. Who, if not professional drivers, know where to get the best food along motorways and where to relax best? Small wonder that truck and coach drivers routinely head for Rosenberger rest stops when they need a break. To offer these 'kings of the road' even better service, we have created the Trucker Club with its many benefits!

Trucker´s Breakfast:

Hearty scrambled eggs farmer style or other selection of egg dishes, 2 bread rolls, 1 helping of butter, 1 helping of jam, as much trucker coffee as you like. Trucker house specials or free salad with your entree.

  • Large servings
  • Trucker coffee
  • Varied and fresh dishes
  • Sandwiches to take away!

Want to register for the Rosenberger Trucker Club?
Present your driving licence and the registration certificate of your truck or lorry at a Rosenberger rest stop or send an e-mail to, re 'Trucker Club Registration'.