Take a break where rest stops
were born

Take a Break


Back in 1972 Heinz Rosenberger opened Austria’s very first motorway rest stop and gave his fellow countrymen a taste of the joy of travelling.

Don’t worry – we’re not about to start raving about the good old days. But anyone who wasn’t cruising down the motorway in the 1970s might not know this: We invented the rest stop! And we want to shout it from the rooftops! This also explains why Rosenberger isn’t like other rest stop operators.

Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH is an Austrian company active in the field of catering as well as in the hotel, convention, and seminar business. Our focus is on the operation of motorway rest stops. In accordance with our tradition – regional and international food of best quality will remain that way in future too. Our activities are informed by our striving for quality, reliability, efficiency, kindness and sustainability. We want to continually improve and enhance the Rosenberger brand, endeavouring to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through excellent quality and the best value for money.

So: Enjoy taking a break in Austria’s friendliest rest stop!