Aktion Cookie und Kaffee


Enjoy a coffee of your choice and a giant cookie for just € 4.70* – as long als available. You can choose between "Raspery & White Chocolate" and "Tripple Chocolate" cookie.

*The special offer can not be combined with any other offer.

Saison 01-2017


No more rest for you... that’s for our delicious asparagus, we hasten to add. It’s back on your plate this spring at Rosenberger. As soup with homemade croutons, as a terrine in a herb crust or in combination with penne. A real treat right down to the asparagus tip.



Even if you have a WC voucher with another Austrian motorway service station: you can still redeem it with us. Quite simply and without any question at all. Which just goes to prove: guests enjoy special privileges at Rosenberger! So wherever you got your toilet voucher from: you can use it to spend a penny with us. WelCome to Rosenberger. It’s best to let our employees know. Just mention: “I have another voucher for you!”

And don’t forget: the vouchers are redeemable throughout Austria in all 17 Rosenberger locations.


Our legendary “Kaisermelange” cup will soon be replaced by our new “Cup of Rast”. So, make sure you get one of the last retro cups, with a saucer included, free of charge with every Kaisermelange. After all, this cup has class. This special offer starts on 2 June 2017 and is valid as long as stocks last.


Do you like it hot? Then you’ve come to the right place! We season all the dishes with TABASCO® sauce on request in Trattoria Rosenberger, giving pizza and pasta that extra pep. Hot or what?

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Some things simply belong together. Rosenberger and rest stops, food and enjoyment, and not forgetting Heimo Napetschnig and the Völkermarkt location. The current manager has been working here for Rosenberger since 1993, starting as a kitchen manager 24 years ago, leaving his home base only briefly to take over the management in Eisentratten for a year after his two-year apprenticeship as manager’s assistant and numerous training courses. He has now headed up the “Völkermarkt” rest stop since 2006. His recipe for success? The loyal and dedicated workforce, who follow his instructions day in, day out. Napetschnig is a veteran in the business and above all, he knows exactly how rests work. Professionally and privately. He likes to spend his rest times riding his Vespa 125, or at home in the garden or with a well-grilled steak and fresh garden herbs. Luckily, he can enjoy this every single day at the Völkermarkt location.


“I’m bored” and “are we there yet?” Phrases that drive parents to despair on a journey. If you have had enough of the back-seat bickering, then why not take a break and drop in to see us with the little darlings. For every adult main course, we’ll give you a kid’s menu free of charge. A short snack break is so good for the children. Not to mention your nerves.