Whoever said that Christmas shopping always has to be stressful? Why not enjoy Christmas time this year and give stress a rest. And in the meantime, you can relax and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones in our shops with their wide range of goods. And because we like to please our cherished customers, on 8 December we are offering 20% off confectionery, souvenirs, Christmas ornaments and other gift items.

This promotion is valid in all Rosenberger shops. The 20% discount does not apply for tobacco and magazines and cannot be combined with other offers.

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The cold season makes you feel like hot food. Our chefs know that of course and in the coming winter months will indulge you with very special dishes. When the temperature dips, what gives you a more cosy feeling than a delicious apple and celery soup or a tender chicken breast wrapped in bacon and served on creamy pumpkin polenta? And if you prefer it even more savoury, lick your lips at the thought of an Old Viennese roasted meat with "Kartoffelschmarrn" fried potatoes. Winter definitely has its beautiful side.

Our winter discounts are available from 2 December to 12 January in all Rosenberger restaurants, except the Trattoria St. Pölten, Haag, Lindach Nord, Golling Ost and Brenner.

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The inventor of the rest stop reinvents itself once again and opens the first "Rastorante" Italiano in St. Pölten. From December, the finest pasta dishes and crispy pizzas will be served in the Trattoria Rosenberger. And because espresso and cappuccino are to Italy as rest stops are to Rosenberger, it also naturally has its own coffee bar.

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It isn't just our motorway rest stops who can call themselves winners, the Vienna City Restaurant has just been named as one of the best “all you can eat” locations by the newspaper “krone.at” and the Internet portal “City4U”. Rosenberger FIRST came top in the "Viennese" category. And rightly so, we think. After all, the FIRST daily buffet offers everything the gourmet heart desires. We will give you a free glass of champagne – to toast our victory and your enjoyment.



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Freshness and regionality play a major role when we select our food. We are therefore constantly striving to update and improve our range. For instance in Haag where we are offering a revised menu from 3 November onwards. Don't worry, though, because the most popular dishes and a wide selection of local products in our regional area will of course still be there. The new selection of food can be found online on our website from November or why not just come by and be surprised.

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Only when you breathe properly during your rest stop can you get going again afterwards, fully rested. So: open the car doors, have a good stretch and in your mind's eye take a deep breath right down to your feet. And with any luck, you'll breathe in the delicious scent of freshly prepared Rosenberger pastries.

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